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Hello Rethinkers!

Are you ready for some big news? Good, then let’s talk conference. We’re very excited to share with you the details of the 2014 Rethinking Everything Conference and Retreat.

Yes, you read that right. We’re officially changing from “RE conference” to “conference and retreat.” Why you ask? Well, feedback from all of you as well as our own desire for upgrade of course. Feedback from one-on-one discussions, group notes and the survey results all pointed at a community desire to huddle for an extended period. Although it wasn’t a universal comment it was clearly the preference. So, we’ve combined the two for the best of both worlds.


The conference will operate similar to past years, as a four-day intensive, experiential, event filled with seminars, workshops, entertainment and lots, lots more. The program should feel familiar as it’s filled with many of our favorite elements. A few highlights are noted below with lots more to unfold:

Bazaar, talent show, family dance, teen prom, Hogwartz, kid village, camp RE, SSUDS, mom’s night out, Power shuffle, Egg drop, face painting and on and on and on and on.

Now, for the retreat part… Clearly we’re a diverse community. We come from different backgrounds, races, personalities, experiences, perspectives and, yes, geographies. What we all do have in common is a desire to commune with one another and rethink. Several comments were made to us during our research ranging from “for my kids, this is Disneyland” to “we look forward to reuniting with friends from al around the nation.”

So why be in a rush to bring it to an end, right? Why hurry through a jam-packed conference and miss inspirational speakers so as not to miss out on friends time? Or, why miss out on face time with loved ones because you really want hear someone or do something. Let’s try and have it all. Let’s say, “yes” to both conference and retreat…

With this in mind, we set out to find a venue that would accommodate both of these desires. The group feedback also reinforced our preferences to add a stronger vibe of nature to our surroundings. We looked hard for something more inline with our needs, culture and group personality and we think we found it.

Introducing the CA Hines 4H center in Little Rock, Arkansas. No, we’re not in Dallas this year, but it’s not too far away and we hope you’ll try it out and embrace this selection. Check out the amenities below and see why we feel strongly that it’ll work better for us.



Basically, we get a state of the art conference center in the middle of a 300-acre natural setting. Oh, did we mention we’d have the place to ourselves for the conference? Won’t that be nice? Lots of guest rooms and a few tent and RV sites for those who act fast.


Did we mention there is a pool, lake, hiking trails, fire pits, canoes, basketball and tennis courts, horseshoe pits and lots more. A rock climbing wall and a ROPES course are also accessible (ropes has a fee).

Indoors, there is Wi-Fi throughout as well as a state of the art computer lab for gaming, learning or whatever? Ok, enough hype. We obviously love it and hope you do too. Take some time. Try it on and please let us know how you feel. It is committed for 2014, but we’re very interested in feedback for the best and brightest future.

So, here is what we are asking you to do right now. Join us, embrace it and give it a try. It wouldn’t be the same without you. And, it’s going to be great. Program details will continue to unfold over the next few months and the first wave of speaker bios and session topics will begin next week.

We are pleased to be in this community with you and excited to see you in Little Rock!


Peace and blessings,

Kevin, Kelly, Killian, Kirin and Keigin Sabourin

Kevin: 813.830.8676 or or