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Monthly Archives: February 2014

How to Plan

The 19th annual Rethinking Everything Conference is FOUR FULL DAYS of engrossing, stimulating, powerful and transformative exchanges beginning early Friday morning, September 3rd through Monday midnight, September 7th!

This is going to be a terrific event with hundreds of people, and dozens of speakers, sessions activities and topics to inspire and delight. In order...

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What will I find at RE?

What will I find at the Conference? For almost two decades, the Rethinking Everything community has gathered to explore beliefs in key "life" areas such as; Un-Schooling, attachment parenting, conscious family living, health and wellness, sexuality, natural birth, empowered death, and everything in between. Our transformative annual conference has inspired thousands to raise consciousness, embrace freedom and...
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Guiding beliefs?

  What  are the guiding beliefs behind RE?   From the beginning, RE supported the belief that children are capable of absorbing and using knowledge from our complex world.  There is no need for arbitrary structures in parenting or education, such as the use of coercion, rewards, or other behavior modification techniques as motivation.   With freedom, respect, and nurturing support,...
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