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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Freestyle Living


Freestyle Living

  What does this word mean to me?  At a friends home, Marissa Holmes, last spring we were discussing how powerful words are for us and how we were still searching the right word to use to explain our lifestyle.  "Freestyle" is what came to us.  Freestyle living.   What does this mean to me?  It means that...
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Freedom and Responsibility Agreement

Agreement of Freedom & Responsibility

  The Rethinking Everything Conference is on the front lines of a peaceful revolution to RE-think the limiting beliefs, ideas or concepts that keep individuals from thriving. We support each individual and encourage a life of self-design. The principals under which RE was founded include “Do No Harm” and “Freedom & Responsibility” both of...
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Volunteer Opportunities

RE needs volunteers!   The conference requires a number of willing and dedicated volunteers to function properly and RE could really use your help.   Some of the tasks are larger, more challenging and can take you away from "the action" for awhile.  Other tasks are smaller, easier and usually even fun. Although we need help with both, we...
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Accommodations at RE

Accommodation types:

  There are three different accommodation types at the Conference this year:
      • Hotel-type rooms
      • RV campsites
      • Tent campsites.
    Depending on your specific needs, family size and budget, we should have something to accommodate everyone. *Please note, rooms and campsites are on a "first-comes / first-serve" basis and must be prepaid to be secured.*     Screen Shot... 				</div>
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