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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Live Streaming agenda

Stream RE2015 Live now!

  The Rethinking everything Conference is like no other event. It is an amazing collection of un-schooling families from around the country who have been gathering annually, since 1993, to celebrate Un-schooling, Re-thinking and self-designed living.   We realize, however, that not everybody that may want to attend can make it. There are considerable logistics as...
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SolFood Catering

Solfood Catering Emporium

Menu for #RE2015

  The team at Solfood was a very popular food option last year for attendees. They will be providing dinner-only take out for RE guests again this year.     All Dinners are $10 and it take a minimum of - Only orders submitted and paid the night before by 9pm are guaranteed.  


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Cathy Lemmon

Cathy Lemmon

  Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP, has a wonderful husband and is mother to three wonderful and very intelligent children, who she was blessed to educate at home! She is also a homeopath and actively practices and teaches about Homeopathy and the vaccine alternative known as Homeoprophalaxis.   Her home office is in the Dallas, Texas area, but...
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2015 Conference Agenda – Calendar View

2015 Conference Agenda - Calendar View

  The 2015 Rethinking Everything agenda is shaping up to be quite amazing and we sincerely hope you plan to attend. Not only do we have terrific talent, but spectacular sessions, abundant activities and exciting events.   Additionally, we've incorporated a few changes we think you'll really like; We streamlined the content, created...
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