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A Survey of Grown Unschoolers I: Overview of Findings

(Seventy-five unschooled adults report on their childhood and adult experiences.)

Published on June 7, 2014 by Peter Gray in Freedom to Learn


New survey results were recently released by Peter Gray and his colleague Gina Riley. The results stem from a project that started in 2011. The data and some observations are noted in the full article here; three other blog posts tell the rest of the story and can also be linked via the main article.


Definition [except]: “Unschooling is not schooling. Unschooling parents do not send their children to school and they do not do at home the kinds of things that are done at school. More specifically, they do not establish a curriculum for their children, do not require their children to do particular assignments for the purpose of education, and do not test their children to measure progress. Instead, they allow their children freedom to pursue their own interests and to learn, in their own ways, what they need to know to follow those interests. They may, in various ways, provide an environmental context and environmental support for the child’s learning. In general, unschoolers see life and learning as one.”


Note: The “Unschooling 101” illustration at the top of this article was created by Idzie Desmarais. Idzie is a “kindergarten dropout” who authors a great blog called I’m Unschooled. Yes I can Write. Her site includes, among other things, a list of blogs by teenage and grown unschoolers and a collection of interviews of grown unschoolers.


Dr Gray is a former RE speaker and respected researcher. His insights on psychology, tribe and the anthropological elements of learning and potential were very inspiring to the 2013 audience. Thanks again for your work, Dr. Gray.


Dr Gray’s blog is full of terrific information and insight and can be found here.


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