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Activities List


Below is a partial list of activities for the 2015 Rethinking Everything Conference. Please note, activities may be added or deleted (at any time) as we will be developing the final program right up until the conference. We have things planned for all ages. Some of the activities are new and many are favorites from years past.  If we missed your favorite session, please let us know – it might have been overlooked or we simply didn’t have staff or a volunteer to head it up.


Also, the community board will be centrally located (in the main concourse) and contain an area for impromptu games, activities and discussions.  If you are interested in volunteering please let us know.



New activities will be announced at the conference but below is a list of some tribe favorites:




Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.32.39 PMTeeny Genies (belly dancing)

Come join Killian to shake it up and learn basic belly-dancing moves and how to freestyle your way using these core motions. Bring any jingly attire!



Kids come pamper and/or be pampered, give or receive manicures, hair styling, body coloring etc. Come and enjoy!


Night Hide-n-Seek and flashlight tag

Bring your flashlights and fast feet, lets have a game of hide and seek.


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.23.28 PMJam Session

Come one, come all and…bring it. Bring your instruments (bought or home-made), join the flow, feel the inspiration, and lets make musical magic together!


Talent show

You’re probably all familiar with this RE favorite activity. Attendees of all ages join in as we throw a variety show sure to entertain. Whatever you want to bring – Hula-hoop? Juggling? Joke telling? Poetry? It is always a great event.


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.18.30 PMTeen Night

Join other teens for an evening of music, dancing, dress-up and fun. A DJ will be mixing the beets and creating a fun and lively atmosphere. Come in costume or come as you are.


Cardboard boat Races (Re-Gotta)

Can you build a boat? Can you make it float…can you cross the lake, now that would take the cake! Individuals and teams will construct card board boats and put them to the test to cross the lake, and hopefully stay above the water!  Bring a roll or two of duct tape and any decorations you feel like. Prizes awarded for several categories including: fastest, best decorated, and most spectacular sinking.


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.50.18 AMBubble Blowing

A great activity for all ages. Visit our bubble station where you’ll find tools to make all size bubbles, a bubble machine for on-going entertainment and giant bubble experiments.


Adventure Race

Join some of our Rethinking dads for an adventure race through the surrounding area. Learn some basics about navigating terrain, cartography and traversing wild landscapes in this family fun activity.


Survival Skills

Join some of the same folks from the adventure race for a slow speed look at survival in and out of the wild. We’ll take a walk through the surrounding area and imagine living off of the land, making our way and thriving, maybe build a shelter start a fire…, etc.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.37.48 PMFort Building

“Mom/Dad, can we build a fort?” If you’ve ever 😉 heard that before, have your kids check out this session. We’ll head off (a safe distance) into the woods and help everybody build a fort – individual or team as preferred. Kids can use their fort throughout the week and return as often as they like for continued imaginative play.  We can create a village or plan for individual living as desired by the builder.


Healing Arts Exchange & Sanctuary

This special area is available to service providers of all kinds including: Energy workers, coaches, counselors, masseuses, etc. Practitioners can reserve a room in advance for private consultations. Visitors can peruse a list of available resources and request a session. A bulletin board out front will keep track of the rooms confirmed, but all scheduling and communication will be done by and between the participants. Consideration for services provided can be paid, bartered, or gifted and is at the discretion of the participants.


The “sanctuary” is a quiet space located in the lobby area of these offices. RE attendees can step inside for a respite and enjoy comfy seating, soft music, dim light and tranquility. Pop in, reflect, relax, get centered and enjoy, but please make sure to respect others’ quiet space too.           


IMG_7749T-Shirt Expressions

Bring a favorite old t-shirt for a RE-decoration. We’ll use simple tie-dying and art techniques to RE-vive that tired old shirt. Make a statement, draw a picture, get all psychedelic, whatever floats your boat.  It’ll be lots of fun.


Young Entrepreneur Session

This is an opportunity for our young entrepreneurs to gather with each other and also more experienced entrepreneurs to explore ideas, problem solve and challenge their ideas to take them up a notch and open more possibilities.


Scavenger Hunt

Cant think of a better way to explore 300 acres then a good old fashion scavenger hunt. Add a smart phone camera and some creative instructions and get ready for a really fun adventure. Join us as we uncover riddles and clues in a property wide hunt. Brush up on your map, terminology, and 4H info to be quick through the course. Caution, it may take the whole event to complete the task… unless you think you’re a super sleuth.


REbubblesGiant Bubbles

You probably read about the bubble station, but these bubbles are a whole other thing. Join Kevin Green after almost a year of perfecting his giant bubble secret formula!! Our goal is to send a human into space riding in one of these gigantic bubbles.
Who can float one across the lake? Who can make the biggest? How high will they go? What if you launch from the top of the dam? We’ll see..


Kids Yoga

Everyone knows the many amazing benefits of adding a daily yoga practice into their lives, no matter what the age. This is a great opportunity for the younger crowd to get their moves on and benefit from this energy giving process. Available Saturday and sunday morning only. Join instructor Maggie Batt for a terrific experience. Weather permitting this event will take place outside on the grass, so bring a towel or yoga mat if you have one. Parents are welcome to join if young attendees need help or would be more comfortable.


partner yogaAdult Yoga

Enjoy time by yourself or exercising with a loved one; spend time indoors or out in nature; match you skill set and comfort level with the class type.


Teen Camp

As many of you know Camp RE is a space dedicated to teens and functions as your social connection point and meet-up space, or just a great place to hang out.  We’ll have Teen Night, Nerf Wars, Power Shuffle, LARPing, late-night Werewolf, Dr. Who and so much more. Other teen-specific events will be posted in the Camp RE headquarters, facilitated by Unschooling parents.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.41.30 PM


Fairy Village

Join the youngest of our tribe for the construction and maintenance of a fairy habitat. Build your own, help someone else, or just come by for a visit. We’ll be building homes and community for our fairy friends. This space will be open throughout the conference for ongoing fun.


Chalk Art

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 1.26.26 PMAll ages are welcome to join in the chalk art. Lets start a collage and add to it through out the week. We also thought it would be fun to draw roads, paths and design our “dream” village where we all live together as a tribe. Cardboard boxes will be available if young ones wish to build a play house on the village grounds


Power shuffle

This teen exclusive is a powerful and transformative exercise/ice-breaker where youths have chance to get to know one another, appreciate their difference and develop a one-ness. More information and further instructions will be handled out in the Teen Camp.


Egg Drop

Join our legion of young scientists, inventors and adventurers as they launch an egg from dizzying heights – to the ground. The goal of this crowd favorite event is to land your egg safely, unbroken.Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.18.56 PM


Egg Design

It’s not uncommon for Egg Drop contestants to give their egg a personality and some flair. Join us for the pre-drop event where we decorate our pilots for their impending brush with fate. Make your egg funny, scary, look-alike, whatever, just have fun.


Shaving Cream Creations

Years ago, when our family first attended the RE conference our littlest one loved creating with shaving cream. We just had to bring this awesome activity back. Come build towers, paint your body, or recreate the Thinking Man! Each to his own!

Face Paint

We will have multiple artists helping out at different times throughout the event to make sure everyone gets their face painted. Often thought of as a kids activity, thisImage is open to all. Pick something funny, whimsical or maybe try on a mask that represents your alter ego for a while…



Board Games

RE will have a slew of board games around the conference for families to check out and play together. Enjoy time with friends or family around the gaming table. Lots of room indoor and out to participate. Watch for impromptu gaming meet ups to be posted on the community board.


Red Tent

History of the Red Tent – In such ancient cultures as that of Native Americans, Africans, and Chinese, red is a symbolic color of strength or female power. The Red Tent is rooted in history as a gathering place for women.

Our Red Tent provides a space for women to gather for discussion, activities, workshops or just to congregate, relax and connect with each other. Watch for sessions to be announced on the community bulletin board.


Pink Tent

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.25.10 PMIn true Red Tent fashion, the younger tribe are welcomed into the area for coming of age discussions and dialogue. The women of the red tent will host unique dialogue and discussion for girls called Pink Tent. Watch for updates and information on the community bulletin board.


Little Rock Painting

The 4H facility affords us numerous rocks to use for this event. Simply take a short walk in the woods and pick a shape you like. Then, lets paint/decorate them up and make our own Little Rock. They can be taken home as souvenirs, sold at the bazaar or just returned as a marker of the 2014 conference. In a “pay-it-forward” fashion, you can leave inspirational messages for the next person to discover.


Yard games

We have some many different yard games, we’re giving this one it’s one category. Below is a short list and a few pictures describing the rings to do at RE:Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.23.54 PM

Giant Jenga

Bagg Toss

Horse Shoes






Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.36.18 PMBasketball



Water balloon catch

Swimming Pool

Guided hikes

Bubble station (mentioned above)



Sacred Goddess Night

Join moms for a night of conversation, inspiration, relaxation, and fun. Visit the Red Tent area and embrace the opportunity to commune with your sisters for an evening of real connection.


SUDS (Society of Unschooling Dads) Night

Every felt alone in your concerns about Unschooling? Wondering if you are the only one with reservations or anxiety? Challenged with the idea of blending a “work life” with a family life – especially if they come from very different areas? You are not alone. SUDS started as a discussion panel, grew up into a support group and now is proudly called a supportive environment Unschooling dads.  Make sure to come out and connect with the tribe, ask questions, hear the stories, and feel the support. New dads, don’t miss this!

4H firepit boardwalk



Deep in the woods, down a long meandering boardwalk is a fire pit. This fire pit will be the site of the opening ceremony where we burn that which no longer serves us as we get ready to receive that which does. Imagine following a path of luminaries through the woods until you come to a fire that sets the stage for the rest of the week – the fire that purges the old and makes room for the new.



Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 5.15.41 PMIntentions Ceremony

Following the boardwalk, fire pit/release, there will be an opportunity for you and your family to participate in a floating candle ceremony at the lake.  We hope you cast your family intentions for the week and watch them burn brightly along with others’. It will surely be a powerful moment.


Tractor rides/tours

Meet our hayride driver, Paul, and get a tour of the 4H property. The trailer seats about 20-25 people, and its fairly low to the ground, so bring the whole crew (all ages).  “Welcome” tours will be available Friday into the evening and then periodically throughout the event. Shuttling to other events may  be available also (bonfire, out-with-the-old ceremonies and [possibly] the Labyrinth).


IMG_6133Labyrinth Walk

For those of you that haven’t read the story, please check out the history of the labyrinth. For those that have, you understand this is a magical place of community healing and growth. Join us for an evening procession to the Ferncliff Labyrinth as we heal, connect, and pave the way for thriving.


Family Dance Night

Join us as we bring Rethinking Everything 2014 to a close. Tuesday night we’ll kick up heels of all ages as we celebrate; new connections, old friends, transformation and good times. Our DJ will help to make this an epic night, so get ready for some fun.


Movie Night(s)

Come join us for movie night in one of three venues – the auditorium, Cabe Hall and/or Feland Hall. Check the program for more details and movies titles or the community calendar for ongoing updates.   


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.23.46 PMGaming rooms

Rethinking Everything is planning on having two gaming rooms; one will be reserved as non-violent and the other will offer a wider range of games. We’ll start with Minecraft on a private server and see where it goes from there. Please let us know if you have games and or equipment to loan.


Ok, this is a start, but and there will be more. Don’t forget to send in your ideas and to check the board for the impromptu events and activities…