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Ann Gettis


Ann is the Founder and Executive Director of Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness in Faribault, MN.


She is on the front lines of a kindness movement aimed at bringing awareness to bullying and other forms of injustice as well as promoting peaceful resolution to conflict situations. Ann will share her experiences and stories as well as helpful tools (like restorative practices) to further this important initiative.


More about our speaker:


In 2006, Ann and Dennis Gettis lost their beloved 21 year old son, Jeremiah, to suicide. In a note to his family, Jeremiah stated that he no longer wanted to live in a world where people were so cruel.  Jeremiah also wrote several pages describing the bullying he endured during his school years and the devastating effect it had on him.


Dedicated to preventing others from suffering as Jeremiah did, Ann returned to college to study bullying and its prevention. In 2011, she received her Master’s of Art degree in Community Psychology with an emphasis on bullying and violence prevention from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN.


Ann also became a certified trainer for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. She has some experience in restorative practices and the circle process, as well. In 2011, she founded Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness, a 501(c)(3) public charity, whose mission is to foster kind and respectful  homes, schools and communities. Recently, Ann was involved in the passing of the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act in her home state of Minnesota.



Ann’s journey began with and continues to be coping with the unspeakable loss of her son and preventing it from happening to others. And it has evolved to include how to cope with, address and transform suffering in its many forms in this life.


Her journey continues to lead back to the transformative power of kindness…to ourselves, to each other and to all beings. This kindness leads us to a world that Jeremiah would have wanted to live in.

We hope you will join Ann for a number of powerful sessions and discussions on healing, kindness, community action and social justice.


For more information on Ann, her foundation or to contact her see the links below:


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