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Barb Lundgren


Barb Lundgren is the founder of the Rethinking Everything Conference (originally called Rethinking Education) and since the beginning has functioned as the coordinator and driving force. She was instrumental in bringing 18 years of Rethinking to the community and we appreciate it very much. Now, we all get to experience her in a new role as speaker.


Barb is also the happy mother of grown unschoolers. Always rethinking, she is on the continuous lookout for new waves of insight, upgrade and change. She’s the former editor of Home Education Magazine, a publication devoted entirely to the vibrant life of Unschooling. She and her husband support a paradise they call home and a few very pampered pets in the Fort Worth area of Texas.


Barb will be presenting as well as facilitating group discussions this year on different topics near and dear to her heart. These conversations are usually lively and cover a range of areas, so be sure to check them out.