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Daphne Osunlade Edwards


Osunlade is a healer, spiritual teacher and transformation coach. As a divine catalyst for change, she supports and inspires women who are feeling stuck to dissolve their “stuff”, achieve peace and experience clarity, joy and abundance.


As a space holder for unconventional earthy mamas, healers, and spiritually inclined (mom-preneurs), she has the unique gift of calling forth their empowered and authentic selves, to do the work they came here to do and to experience the joy they came here to live.


This will be her family’s 12th year attending RE. She has given rise to 3 sUns (19, 11, and 5). Conscious parenting, worldschooling, and self-designing while embracing ancient indigenous wisdom are concepts she and her family are most drawn to.



Join us at RE2015, meet Osunlade and share in some of her terrific discussions.