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Daphne “Osunlade” Edwards is a mother, medicine woman, and spiritual coach assisting folks from all over the globe in releasing emotional blocks, expanding consciousness, and intuiting their own physical well-being. She gifts her clients with practical tools and techniques, steeped in Universal laws and principles, which help them align with a life that works for their highest divine good. In addition to Vibrant Foods ™ coaching, and Sweet Release Coaching ™, she does healing sister circle work, and designs personalized ceremonies. Her background includes: initiations and trainings in indigenous spiritual systems, facilitation of energy medicine workshops, holistic foods prep, holistic nutrition studies, presentation of metaphysical classes, organization of group yoga and natural food cleanses, creation of sacred spaces, and the former ownership of Zawadi – a storefront featuring gifts of the African diaspora. But, beyond all of this, her most powerful and expansive spiritual journey thus far, has been that as a mother who has given rise to 3 SUNS, all of whom are learning through self-designing their own destinies.



Visit Daphne at one of the following RE sessions:


Visual Organizing Tool for the Right Brained Unschooling Parent


Simple, attractive, in-your-face visuals serving as touchstones, family goals, and intentions that support a sense of flow and accomplishment. The beauty of this type of organizing and/or planning is that there is no right or wrong. Everything is based on your own personal and/or family values. You discover tons of helpful tips from simple bulletin board / sticky note concepts that are super impactful to mandala-like intention setting for family cohesiveness to clean and modern internet visual aids. Come and play!


Peaceful Parenting from the Inside Out


This will be a very experiential, hands on joy-shop using The Work of Byron Katie ( to align with our inner peace – which is where all true peace resides.


We can ACT as peaceful parents, but that doesn’t make us truly peaceful. We can act non-controlling or non-authoritarian, but that doesn’t make these things so. These strategies and/or philosophies are a start, but what happens to the triggers that we are suppressing while “performing” as “good” parents? What happened to the stories, the trauma, and all of the deep seated emotions?


Come and find out how questioning our old beliefs and inquiring into our actual stressful thoughts can actually bring us true freedom. Come and see how this freedom gives us clarity. And then see how this clarity gives us the ability to act from a true place of peace. No philosophies necessary. See you there, my loves, with an open mind and heart!


Unschoolers of color


Join Osunlade and friends for a important discussion about ethnicity, culture and societal influences affecting Unschool-families-of-color.


Empowered Single Parents


Unschooling takes effort, willingness and committment on the part of the parents. Single parents often face additional challenges in providing this important life choice as they singularly navigate these waters with out a partner to assist.  Join Osunlade as she leads a discussion on Empowered Single Parents.

Follow/contact Osunlade here: Root Wombmyn (, an international collective of women of African descent dedicated to shifting the consciousness of the universe through the powerful healing energy of sister circles.


The Mojo Experience by Osunlade ( a spiritual approach to natural health and food as medicine.