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David Gill


David Gill grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. After graduating from Miami University (Oxford, OH) he went on to receive a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Seminary (Boston) and served as a Presbyterian pastor in Indiana for seven years.


In 1985 David went on to work in development education with Heifer International and in 1997 became the Director of Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center and he still holds this position today. Ferncliff is a presbyterian church camp and more. It’s more that the neighboring property to the conference; It’s more than 1000+ acres of beautiful land, streams and hiking trails; it’s more than “summer camp” to 1100 kids each summer; Ferncliff is also the home of a number of programs and initiatives that have shaped, changed or helped thousands of lives!


The camp believes in taking care of nature and neighbors – sustainability and outreach. Not only is Ferncliff’s reach into health, wellness, sustainability, and healing, but they operate a national Disaster Assistance Center in partnership with the Red Cross. RE attendees will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and help David and his team in an emergency preparedness activity.


They also host “Solar Schools” where participants learn to be able to install a small scale, solar energy system in low income villages such as in Haiti. They’ve also created a portable water filtration system. We’ll be able to see one of these units (as long as there is no emergency that pulls it away) in a workshop setting.


Also, Ferncliff recently completed building one of the largest straw bale-walled structures in the U.S. At 5,600 sq ft and Ferncliff’s Eco Center is solar powered and has many uniquely green features. The building sits in the middle of other unique building such as log homes, tree houses, and hammock huts as well as adjacent to an eco agriculture and livestock area. All of these facilities will be available to tour at the conference this year.


Lastly, Ferncliff has a labyrinth. Not just any ole’ labyrinth but one build by the hands of students of the Columbine tragedy; and then added to by Jonesboro, and others… We will have a chance to walk this labyrinth, honor those who have passed, celebrate life, find peace, heal from our own situations and love.


David will be sharing his stories and experiences and participating in a barn raising talk on grief and community healing. Please join us in welcoming David Gill and the Ferncliff team to the 2014 Rethinking Everything Conference and Retreat.