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Emily and Aaron are a terrific young couple who also happen to be grown Unschoolers. One was unschooled from the word “go” and the other through a conscious decision made during the formative high schools years. Get to know this engaging couple and hear their perspective on various topics such as; self designed living, grown unschoolers, loving relationships, entrepreneurship and more.


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Emily was raised in the small town of Mabank, Texas where she and her younger sister Abbey enjoyed a childhood of being unschooled, self designing kids! Supported and loved by their parents, Eston and Cathy, Emily started her career at the early age of 14. She began modeling and by 15 she had been to NYC, and by 17, overseas to work! She met a boy at 14, Aaron, who was 17, and their love blossomed! They were engaged when she was 17, bought their house when she was 19 and married at 20!


Today, she and Aaron still live in their little house next door to her parents, nestled onto 6 acres with her sister and niece on the adjoining property. She travels the world, modeling and now acting, yet has time for many hobbies including thrift store shopping, gardening, personal growth and spirituality, working on cars out in the shop with Aaron and lots of girl time with her mom, grandmother, sister and niece.

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Aaron grew up on 40 acres in the small town of Mabank, Texas with his mom, dad, sister and wonderful grandparents nearby. He spent hours upon hours farming the land with his grandfather, creating memories that he holds very dearly. Special time with his grandmother cooking and porch sitting will always be remembered. He has distinct memories of working with his dad on Diesel engines when he was 6, and was making a paycheck in the shop by 14. He always had a car, truck or motorbike to fix up and drove a super cool Datsun 280Z in high school. One Wednesday night, at a youth group gathering at the local church, sparked a lasting relationship when he asked to drive a certain girl home. She was 14, he was 17 and the rest is history.


He dropped out of high school shortly after they made it official, starting his first business and choosing not to let school get in the way of learning! Since then, he has had many businesses, learned numerous valuable lessons, and has seeked powerful mentors. He is incredibly passionate, ambitious and articulate. Aaron works alongside his dad in the family business, and also has his own business in the automotive industry, on the side. He has been happily married to his wife, Emily for 7 years!



Emily and Aaron will present sessions on Creating Loving Relationships and Entrepreneurship as well as participate in a discussion panel on Grown Unschoolers.



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