Freedom With Responsibility

Freedom With Responsibility


  • I will do my best to lead by example during the event and to honor and practice compassion, honesty and respect for all people as well as our temporary home – Alabama 4H Center.
  • I am responsible for myself, all of my thoughts and actions.
  • I am responsible for sharing the ideas of freedom, respect, responsibility and the details of this agreement with my children and teens prior to and during the conference.
  • I am responsible, financially and otherwise, for my children and teen’s well-being and behavior.
  • I (and each person I invite to attend the RE event) must be registered to attend.
  • I will speak quietly when in the overnight room hallways as others are sleeping, even during the day. Shouting, laughing and other exuberances are welcome in the meeting rooms, common areas and outside when in reasonable distance from room windows.
  • I will take responsibility for ensuring that my children and teens understand and respect all of this information.



  • If I brought children or teens with me this weekend, I will be certain they are safe at the pool as neither the 4H nor RE provides lifeguards or is responsible at any time.
  • If my children/teens or I choose to go barefoot at the 4H, we will be doing so at our own risk.
  • The 4H has many wooded areas, slopes, remote trails, etc. If I, or my children/teens, hike or travel from the main areas, I will take appropriate caution to insure safety and be completely responsible for them.
  • The 4H Center has a lake, stream, boats and water sports. If my children/teens or I access these places, suitable caution will be used to insure safety and I will be completely responsible for them.
  • The 4H center has a large outdoor venue with a number of fire pits. RE will be using these areas for group events and ceremonies. If my children/teens or I are in these areas we will take suitable care to insure safety and I will be completely responsible for them.


Freedom works magnificently when I honor and respect every other person’s right to freedom, take responsibility for my own actions and, most importantly, do no harm.