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Get paid to not work – A guide to the inspired life


Think about it. The entire connotation around the word “Work” has such a negative feel for most people. So why do they do it? Mostly because they don’t know there are alternatives, and they’ve been culturally conditioned to.


It is not only possible, it is very easy to do what you want, when you want and get paid for it. The dividing line between work and rest of life goes away and you find yourself getting paid for living the amazing life of your choosing.


During this session John P. Strelecky gives you numerous examples of people who have done it, and take volunteers from the audience and help them craft out their new reality on the spot.


Really fun, really cool, and once you see this in action, you’ll view what’s possible in your life, in a whole new way.


Join John P. Strelecky for this entertaining and informative session and learn to look at work in a different way.



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