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Is RE for ME?

The philosophy…

RE is the place for those who find themselves stepping out of mainstream to follow a path more inspired by what feels NATURAL rather than what is deemed NORMAL.


Many of us come to this place by various entry points i.e., choosing a natural birth or a more natural way to deal with a health issue, choosing to allow our children to direct their own learning, or focusing on attachment with our little ones rather than authority over them.  What we value here at RE is the willingness to look at what influences our choices and question when those choices don’t feel natural, freeing, inspired!  Join us while we continue to explore options.




RE is the place for you if you have ever expressed your philosophy in life as live and let live, do no harm, coexist, golden rule, and value the abundant and beautiful diversity of race, culture, beliefs, preferences, and life paths in our world.


RE is a place for those who are clear that you are the only expert of your own life. We are not here to judge or be judged, but to respect those on their path as we follow our own.  Please know that at RE you will be surrounded by those passionate about their choices.  You will hear people every day being vulnerable in expressing who they are and what they believe in.  But we gather on the sacred ground of love and respect for all.



The topics…

RE was started and built on the foundation of unschooling, and it still is.  If you are an unschooler, deschooler, unschool wannabe, autodidactic learner, whole life learner, education hacker, free learner, natural learner, self-directed learner, or freestyler and are passionate in continuously exploring this style of learning, RE is the place for you.


If you practice peaceful-, partnership-, or attachment-parenting, consensual living, or are seriously considering this approach for your current or future family, RE is for you.


If you are married, single, partners, or considering a partner and would like to explore in depth these relationships and what limiting beliefs can prevent us from the relationship we desire, RE is the place for you.


If you value and desire to continuously explore sustainable living, true economic and political freedom, social entrepreneurialism, conscious capitalism, natural and full spectrum health options, empowered sexuality, natural birth, and death…life on our own terms for our selves and our conscious living families, RE is the place for you.


If all, or any of this applies to you and your tribe, RE welcomes you!


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