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Jon Gordon

Jon has been a student of learning for most of his life, from living and working at an orphanage in Mexico City to working at group homes for young adults in the Bay Area. From creating programs for the Florida Keys school system to facilitating programs for faculties around the country, Jon has seen how the current education system doesn’t work for everyone and is passionate about helping people find ways that work for them.


Most recently he has worked for Challenge Day, a non-profit that specializes in workshops based upon social emotional learning, self-esteem building, and creating climates where people can be successful and thrive. Jon has facilitated workshops in 6 different countries (and informally done so in another 4). He has been one of the main subjects in a documentary about Challenge Day in the Netherlands and then subsequently was a part of the spin off TV series for the following four seasons. He has done speaking engagements for the United Way, been a part of the book “Be The Hero”, and done numerous interviews for local television and newspapers, as well as many speaking engagements. Jon believes strongly in going against the grain, being creative, and the importance of a little bit of mischief.


This year at RE, John will be discussing UnCollege and Gap Year ideas with our teens and young adults as well as contributing to panel discussions on next steps for young adults. Meet Jon at RE2015 and hear more about his endeavors.