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Kevin Sabourin

Kevin is a husband and father of three unschooled children. His love of life and people as well as his pursuit of freedom and experience has contributed to their family travels both domestic and abroad.  The family lives in an RV. They travel the United States when they’re not in the jungles in Costa Rica, on the beaches of Nicaragua or atop the mountains of Peru. Kevin and his family believe that the only thing holding them back from where they want to go next is their passion, alignment and creativity.


Previously holding key corporate positions in sales, marketing and account management, Kevin currently celebrates a self-designed career as a consultant (Sabourin Consulting) entrepreneur ( and as the Co-Owner of the Rethinking Everything (RE) conference.


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Together with his wife and partner, Kelly, they have undertaken a number of “rethinking” topics including; marriage (vows), (natural) birth, immunizations, circumcisions, health, wellness, financial success and freedom and responsibility. Their desire to rethink led to the natural conclusion of joining the RE movement and, eventually, buying the business.


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RE’s 19-year mission has been to offer people a safe space for intentional circles of conversation about issues such as unschooling, conscious parenting and family living, health and wellness, career development and conscious capitalism at its annual conference.




This year at RE2015, Kevin will be hosting talks on “rethinking dad” as well as work-life balance. He will also be sharing his thoughts and opinions in the areas of Unschooling and The Sacred Masculine. For more information about his work, please visit:

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