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Krenie Stowe


Krenie Stowe describes herself as a mother and activist first, a pediatrician and attorney second. Her focus is on grass-roots projects that empower participants and educate the surrounding community through dialog and outreach.


She and her son, Isaac Taylor, are among the founders of The Real School/Dragon Valley, an unschooling cooperative. The cooperative is non-hierarchical, free of coercion and control and rooted in consensus decision making.


Krenie is highly ‘schooled’ with a BA from Yale University, an MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a JD from Harvard Law School. She co-founded the Frontis Project, a non-profit health care facility that cared for 11,500 children and their families for over a decade, and then she established HEAL, Health Education, Advocacy & Literacy, H.E.A.L.’s mission is two-fold: to support, inform and empower people caring for children and to reform the role of health care in the lives of individuals and in our society at large.


Isaac brought Krenie to unschooling. It was a meandering journey with origins in a radically different approach to parenting and a son who arrived on earth with a commitment to freedom. After 2 days of pre-school a not yet 4 year old Isaac said: “Mama, I don’t understand the school thing; the teacher gets to talk all day and I never get to say my opinion.”


Because work and activism have been closely tied to unschooling in the Stowe-Taylor family, their unschooling experience has been unusual. Isaac spent the first 9 years of his life in and around the medical non-profit that Krenie and her mother, Dr. Maria Stowe, founded. And in growing The Real School, the same conversations about race, class and gender ; about access and empowerment, that happened around political organizing or health care were focused on in building the unschooling co-op.


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