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Hello, we ‘re the Kraemer Sabourin family and the new coordinators of the Rethinking Everything Conference and Retreat!

We are extremely proud to be part of the RE tribe and excited to play a role in the development of the program, conference, retreat, and the future of the organization!

RE has already been an important part of our past and we feel strongly it will remain a huge part of our future. Please allow us to introduce ourselves, explain how RE was a part of our growth and discuss our aspirations for the future.




About us:

We are an Un-schooling family willing to consciously Rethink Everything. Many topics we already have RE-thought, many are still yet to come.

IMG_5357The Kraemer Sabourin tribe began when Kevin and Kelly wrote, “promise-free” wedding vows. Well, maybe promise free but certainly not commitment-free. While we may not have promised, “Until death do us part,” we did commit to honoring the self and each other. We also committed to living “each-day-at-a-time,” choosing a life that worked for each of us, as individuals, where we could self-actualize through a union with one another, and, ultimately, a family.

From that place, 13 years ago, our partnership intention was set. Since then, we have been blessed with three wonderful, strong-willed, independent, empowered, loving and passionate children.

IMG_0140As our family grew, we progressed on our path choosing a “natural” life to the “normal” versions prescribed and portrayed.  We questioned and reexamined conventional ideas around; birth, medicine, family sleeping arrangements, parent/child separation, feeding and education.  We choose, and re-choose according to what we felt our intuitions were guiding us to do and what felt more in alignment with who we were.

Together, we have tried on a number of lifestyle iterations ranging from running a bed and breakfast, living in multiple states, extended stays in Costa Rica, and traveling about the country in an RV. What’s been great about all these different lifestyles is that we felt inspired to do them and we did!  We love inspiration-led leaps of faith.



RE was inspirational

Our paths were not without trepidation. There were many moments of confusion and doubt.  However we are eternally grateful for how the universe continuously provides opportunity for inspiration, awareness, and clarity. In 2010 it was RE.  We love you RE for being there for us…

At that time, despite our rethinking, we were living in a conventional home, swimming in real estate debt and tied to (Kevin) an unrewarding corporate job. But, probably the biggest epiphany of all was the realization that we were still viewing parenting from an authoritative perspective.

Conversations with God

Conversations with God

For years we had been following our intuition, celebrating a life of freedom and living naturally, yet, somehow, we had not fully passed that freedom to our children. In one powerful RE session, Barb Lundgren and her son Quinn Eaker changed that forever. See we had always marveled at our children’s wise sprit and strong intuition, but RE helped us get clear that we had to trust and let it guide them.

The people we met and the topics we discussed at RE were simply awe-inspiring. Such freedom and responsibility, the likes of which we had never seen, it spoke to us. It gave us an even clearer vision for our selves and our family. See, we’ve often talked about finding the path that allows each of us to be the “greatest version of the grandest vision” and here was a group that offered us both the inspiration and community to encourage our transformation. So, what did we do? We leapt.

“Leap and the net will appear” right?  Well, we did and it has, over and over again. We quit jobs, launched businesses, and RE-defined our relationships with our kids. We sold homes to buy an RV and travel the country. We eliminated “stuff” and replaced it with life experiences.




Now, everyday we wake up raw, vulnerable, alive and (when we’re connected) grateful!  We attempt to live a life free from limiting beliefs. Often we fail, sometimes miserably, but the intention has been set. And that brings us to now. Our desire is to surround ourselves with a community having similar intentions.  That is what RE is means to us.


The future

We want the same for you and to be part of it!  So here’s the plan: while running our B&B we learned the importance of providing the space to have an experience.  We will work to insure the stage is set and the opportunities are abundant for you.

RE may not be “the push,” it may not be “the net,” but it will be the environment where you can check yourself, challenge beliefs, and find the support, guidance, and love you’ll need to stay the course.


Happy travels on your journey!


Your fellow travelers,

Kevin, Kelly, Killian, Kirin and Keigin

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo Costa Rica