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Melissa Rivera

Melissa Rivera is a scholar, who conducts participatory action research (PAR), teaches body wisdom, and writes about connection, creativity and change. She has dedicated the last 20 years to PAR with public schools and universities, community arts and entrepreneurial organizations and a women’s maximum-security prison, using an approach to learning and human development rooted in developmental, women’s and humanistic psychology, ancient spiritual traditions, creativity and expressive arts, critical theory and conscious activism.


Her passion for personal transformation, community development and social justice has inspired the co-development of programs, projects and publications with young people, educators and entrepreneurs, artists and activists.


She received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Brown University and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, respectively, and her coaching certification from Applied Emotional Mastery. She lives her soul adventures with her beloved husband and children.

This year Melissa will share thoughts and stories, hosting open space sessions and facilitating dialogue on the topic of Sacred Feminine and Un-Schooling.


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