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By Daphne “Osunlade” Edwards


This will be a very experiential, hands on joy-shop using The Work of Byron Katie ( to align with our inner peace – which is where all true peace resides.


We can ACT as peaceful parents, but that doesn’t make us truly peaceful. We can act non-controlling or non-authoritarian, but that doesn’t make these things so. These strategies and/or philosophies are a start, but what happens to the triggers that we are suppressing while “performing” as “good” parents? What happened to the stories, the trauma, and all of the deep seated emotions?


Come and find out how questioning our old beliefs and inquiring into our actual stressful thoughts can actually bring us true freedom. Come and see how this freedom gives us clarity. And then see how this clarity gives us the ability to act from a true place of peace. No philosophies necessary. See you there, my loves, with an open mind and heart!


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