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Barb Lundgren is the founder of the Rethinking Everything Conference (originally called Rethinking Education) and since the beginning has functioned as the coordinator and driving force. She was instrumental in bringing 18 years of Rethinking to the community and we appreciate it very much.  Now, we all get to experience her in a new role as speaker.


Barb is also the happy mother of grown unschoolers. Always rethinking, she is on the continuous lookout for new waves of insight, upgrade and change. She’s the editor of Home Education Magazine, a publication devoted entirely to the vibrant life of Unschooling. She and her husband support a paradise they call home and a few very pampered pets in the Fort Worth area of Texas.




Barb will be presenting as well as facilitating group discussions this year on different topics near and dear to her heart. These conversations are usually lively and cover a range of areas, so be sure to check them out.


Live through your heart

Barb will share her journey from a shy, introverted young girl to a risk-taking entrepreneur who has discovered all the best that life has to offer — by first listening to, and then following her heart. There was no turning back once the listening and experimenting with what felt right and true began, many years ago and it’s been a magnificent journey! Barb will share some of what she has learned to help you find deep meaning and satisfaction in your work. Work can be a playful, completely stimulating and joyful way to enjoy this life. For more info, click here.


Imperfection, Messiness and Magic

As unschoolers, we are accustomed to setting high standards for ourselves which can include goals of “better” and “best” with regard to how we birth, how long our child breastfeeds, when they potty train, learn to read and write, and on and on and on. Sure, we’re all different and we all learn and grow differently, we know this. So why do we keep finding ourselves comparing ourselves to others? Why is it so hard to just relax into the divine uniqueness that is each of us, and each of our children and family members? Do we need to live on a deserted island to allow this level of comfort and freedom-to-be? Would that even work?


Through my rich and immensely enjoyable life as a mother, I have come to not only believe in magic, but to trust it. Completely. Magic is what a miracle feels like: important, powerfully good, wonderful and right, mostly if not always mysterious. I’ve learned through watching my children explore and grow in their self-designed worlds that there are requirements for magic to happen, the most important being able to comfortably and thoroughly believe in oneself. How do we get there, as individuals and families, to that grand place in believing in ourselves? Let’s dissect the dynamics, challenges and strategies in making this happen. Let’s talk about the magic and power than unfolds as we learn how to really listen to and respect each other, with as little regard as possible for what the outside world is doing or might be thinking about us, even while maintaining our connections with diverse ideas and naysayers. Your whole world is about to change. For more info, click here.


Boundaries Anyone?

Everyone agrees that boundaries are important. What most don’t agree on is who gets to set the boundaries.

We all have our own sense of privacies, personal space, intrusive behaviors, etc. We all like to think we know what those are for ourselves, after all it’s really all about what feels right and good and safe and empowered. What we never know is what another’s boundaries are. We make a mistake when we try to set the boundaries for another, especially for a child.


Boundaries have everything to do with personal integrity: what foods do I like and when do I like to eat them, who do I want to spend my time with, what types of interactions do I take pleasure from, what is my relationship to my body, what kind of music and other noise appeals to me, for example. Everything in life, everything we think about and believe, the actions and interactions we have with our worlds all involve the setting of boundaries.

Bring your questions and confusion about food freedom, gaming and TV watching, sexual freedom, sibling rivalries, achieving privacies and anything that puzzles you with regard to understanding and setting boundaries. For more info, click here.


In a word, “Submission”

This word, this act, for years had been repulsive to me, causing me to feel rebellious in just hearing it. I associated it with control against one’s will via partnership or parenting and wanted no part of it. My eyes opened years ago when I came to see submission as an act of love: just as I, as a mother, submit easily to my crying infant, I have learned that submission offers much benefit in most relationships. Submission allows for real connection, listening, appreciation, reconciliation and love. Further, by example, one’s expression of easy and loving submission shows others how valuable and in “flow” this magnificent act is. Let’s dissect this act, this feeling, the ramifications and how-to’s. It is entirely possible to learn submission and love yourself, genuinely, even more, all while facilitating the flow of family life and other relationships.. For more info, click here.