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This page was designed to help you build your fund-raising message. It includes images, ideas, information and helpful text, so you can build your own successful program. Please read the information carefully, contact us with ant questions or suggestions. Good luck, much success and happy fund-raising.



(Conference advertisements)


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Text Examples:

These are merely examples and we, by no means, intend to put words in your mouth. But, if raising¬†funds is your goal – they might help…



“Please support me in my opportunity to attend the Rethinking Everthing Conference. This conference is a place for myself and my family to find support, inspiration, and community as we travel along our unique life path. Link for Johns testimonial”


“I would like to share with you an opportunity to own and read an international best-selling author’s story about questioning and striving for answers.”



“This author is one of the many inspirational people I will be spending Labor day weekend with as I strive to grow as an individual, and inspire/support others to do the same.”




Here is the You Tube URL for this video:




  • Sell the books for the retail value and tell your customers/donors that the proceeds are going to fund your RE Conference expenses.
  • Pre-sell to organizations or businesses
    1. trade show, meetings, receptions (give-aways)
    2. Welcome gifts (bed and breakfast, meetings, associations)
    3. Christmas gifts (businesses)
    4. joint fundraisers. (local causes)
  • Ask for donations and gift the book.
  • Ask of donations and gift for larger amounts over a given size.


We hope this informations helps you. Please let us know what else we can do to help. Also, please share your successes so others might benefit from the examples. Good luck and happy fund-raising. See you at RE!!!

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