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Two Years ago when Kevin and I were considering putting our name in the hat for (the privilege to be the new coordinators of) the rethinking everything conference, we sat down with our good friends John (Strelecky) and Xin to way the pros and cons. After telling them what we were considering, there was no hesitation – only immediate encouragement to continue on our path.


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See, John and his family joined us in 2010 when we mutually shared our first RE together. Kevin actually called Barb Lundgren, then the coordinator, to introduce John and the idea of him speaking.  The conference had been an absolute joy for their family, and John was greatly impacted by the amazing people he met there. What we witnessed, was that John had a great impact on the attendees also. We observed “standing room only” crowds in his sessions that year.  John returned the next year with similar success and has been a fan of the conference ever since.


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So, without hesitation, John encouraged us to take this risk and he has supported us in so many ways since then. Unfortunately, their family had a prior commitment, before we had taken over, and was not able to attend the conference last year. However, this is what he had to say to anyone who would listen…



John has been wildly successful at creating the life of his dreams. He feels that his work and the work of Rethinking Everything are both opportunities for others to find support and encouragment to do the same in their own lives.


In expressing gratitude for his life, he let us know that he would love to help others have the opportunity to attend RE. He offered his books, at his cost, as an opportunity for people to fund their experiences. Working closely with John, we are now offering that opportunity to each and everyone of you that is interested.


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