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This year, we are very excited to introduce our “RE for FREE” program. A way you and your family can offset your Rethinking Everything Conference costs—through fundraising.




John P. Strelecky, a friend, supporter and RE presenter, is also the #1 Bestselling author of several inspirational and life changing books – including – The Why Cafe, Return to the Why CafeLife Safari, The Big Five for Life, and Co-author of How to Be Rich and Happy.


These books have been translated into 25 different languages, been #1 bestsellers around the world, and have been a source of inspiration for people of all walks of life (including many within the RE family).


We are partnering with John, to enable RE families, to use his books to raise funds. Just like the girl scouts use cookies.


The scouts get out there, tell people about cookies, collect orders, and then use the funds to pay for their activities. You have the chance to do the same thing, only instead of cookies, you get to use John’s #1 bestselling inspirational books.


It’s a fun project for the family, the people who get the books get inspired, and your family gets to come to RE for free!  AND…we’re giving you three books ($30 value), to get you started.




  • Sign up for the program (requires providing us your contact info including email address) by clicking here.
  • We will give you three books ($30 value) from John’s collection at no cost – to be picked up at the conference
  • We assist you in your fundraising by providing material and examples to use in emails or to post in your personal social media. Click here to see the examples.
  • Pre-sell the books and use the money towards your conference expenses.
  • Or, gift the books to those contributing to your fundraising campaign as a “thank you…”




  • Keep at it! Pre-sell as many more as you like until RE is Free! (these you purchase from RE for just $3.00 each and sell for $10.)
  • Let us know how many to bring to Little Rock for you this September
    The program ends and orders must be into us by July 15th.


(Just like with the scouts, participants will be responsible for selling, collecting, and distributing to your buyers. RE will get the books to Little Rock for the conference. You’ll have to get them home!)


If you’re ready to start making RE Free for your family, sign up here.


We are very grateful that John has generously partnered with Rethinking Everything to help provide our attendees this terrific opportunity. We are committed to finding ways that everyone who wants to attend RE can. “RE for Free” does just that.


For the backstory on how this program came to be, please click here.


If you’ve got questions, contact us.


(Participants will be responsible for selling, collecting, and distributing the books to your buyers. RE will get them to Little Rock for the conference. You’ll have to get them home!)


As we mentioned, the first three are on us. Your cost for reorders will be as follows:



life safariLife Safari 

Your cost:  $3.00

Retail:         $10.00

You keep: $7.00




the why cafeThe Why Cafe

Your cost: $3.00

Retail:        $10.00

You keep:   $7.00




big five for lifeThe Big Five for Life

Your cost:  $3.00

Retail:         $10.00

You keep:   $7.00




It’s that simple. The (Big) Five easy steps: (1) Sign up, (2) sell some books, (3) make some money, (4) go to RE and (5) deliver the books!




Thanks John! We’ll see you, and the rest of the RE for FREE families, at the 2015 conference.