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Rebecca is a holistic family consultant, author, and speaker. She is passionate about supporting families to create a life of love and connection, especially when challenges arise.


Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Ball State University and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL. She has specialized training in attachment and trauma, along with 20+ years of working with children and families.


Rebecca supports families to create healing in their own homes and helps them to find their own unique path in parenting and family life. She helps families find the root cause of challenges, whether that stems from the parents’ own early life or a more recent traumatic and disconnecting event, empowering parents to find their own way through the storms.


Join Rebecca for a number of terrific sessions at RE 2014:



Keeping Sane and Connected To Your Mate (Couples)


Especially when parents’ decisions are off the beaten path, it becomes more important to stay connected as a couple. In this session, we’ll introduce tools to support the partnership, especially in situations where there may be conflict. We’ll also explore the “brain stoplight,” a fabulous tool to understanding how and when to talk and when to just stay quiet!!



Boundaries versus Limits


Many of us have confusion about where, when, how, and if we should intervene in a child’s natural unfolding. How to work as a family to avoid setting limits for others yet establishing our own healthy boundaries. What is our part in this continuum? Join this practical conversation to learn some strategies for navigating these waters with love and respect.



Accepting Where You’re At and Appreciating the Path


We are a group of parents with strong ideas and ideals. How do we balance where we want to be with where we actually are in this moment? How do we hold the goals of where we want to be and still appreciate where we are? What if the needs of our children don’t fit into any mold at all? How do we find support? How do we find our tribe?



Early Parenting: Essential Tools for Growing Families


What can we do to give our children the best possible chance at emotional health as they grow older? From attachment parenting to setting (our own) healthy boundaries with our growing children, we’ll look at current (practical) neuroscience and cutting edge research about supporting our children through life’s inevitable transitions and challenges.



Be sure to mark your calendar as these are sessions you will not want to miss.


For more information about Rebecca and her work, or to contact her, please visit: