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Happy New Year to you and your family! It’s hard to believe we are saying that and how fast time is flying by, but we are happy to make the first big announcement of the New Year…

Registration is now open for the 2014 Rethinking Everything Conference and Retreat! We hope you’ll decide to join us as this year is already shaping up to be terrific!


Our focus

Before you register, you’d probably like to hear the plans and understand what RE has in store for this year. A few weeks ago a letter went out describing the new tagline (Inspiration, Community & Transformation). That phrase seems to capture the essence of “who” we are and “why” we gather. We might also benefit from a theme this year and that area of focus is “Tribe” (and the key characteristics found in many tribes).

Our families function as mini-tribes. Many of us desire to live in a larger community with the characteristics of a tribe. Wouldn’t it be incredible to incorporate the best of tribal living and apply it to our daily lives?

Inspiration comes to us from many sources such as; Beyond Civilization (Quinn), The Continuum Concept (Leidloff), Tribes (Godin) and Parenting for Social Change (Brett). Even some recent challenges experienced in our own communities demonstrate how the benefits of tribal living might help us move forward on our individual path(s).

From this perspective we will take a deep dive into topics like; Unschooling, respectful relationships, partnership parenting, intuitive living (heart-lead), “natural” vs “normal” living, environmental consciousness, and rite of passage.

This tribal focus has also inspired us to incorporate some new activities such as; ceremonies, drum circles, “virtual” and physical tribal gatherings, celebrations, labyrinth walks and much more.


What you will experience

When you and your tribe attend the 2014 Rethinking Everything Conference…

icon1_b…You will feel Inspiration,

Plan on being surrounded by individuals and families who are striving and thriving in a life of unique self-design.Hear stories of joy, challenge, and continuous questioning of the beliefs that limit us. Presenters and fellow conference attendees alike will validate, encourage, support and inspire you on your path.


icon2 …You will experience Community,

 We have all longed to be totally surrounded, if only for a short time, by those who understand and support us on our quest to lead life by our own terms, free of judgments and the dreaded “you should,” to follow our intuition. Welcome home!


icon3…You will witness transformation!

 It will either be your own, one of your tribe members, or maybe the transformation of the person sitting next to you in a session as their “a-ha” moment arrives. Witness individuals embracing the vulnerability necessary for change. Since vulnerability is far more likely when people feel safe and supported, here you will find an environment that supports your safety, where the group’s intentions are to question ideas that no longer serve, and to encourage transformation.


We sincerely hope you’ll join us at the 2014 Rethinking Everything Conference and Retreat and consider ourselves fortunate to include you among our tribe!


Peace and blessings,

Kelly, Kevin, Killian, Kirin and Keigin