Rules of our hosts (The 4-H Center of Alabama)

RE – The Gathering: Facility Rules and Policies to Respect – 4H Center of Alabama

Shoes must be worn... (well, in certain places)

Shoes must be worn​ in the main lodge area and cafeteria, especially the food serving area. (Please understand the 4H could be fined heavily and even lose their food serving privileges if a surprise inspection was done.) Consider having your children leave their shoes right outside the cafeteria door if you anticipate this will be a challenge for them. This may seem sort of small at home but it is a big deal for the 4H!

No skateboarding or Rollerblading (This is insurance stuff)

No skateboarding or Rollerblading​ on property other than on basketball court. There are many hills and their insurance policy does not cover this type of activity.

No swimming in pool after gate is locked . (Not sure who we blame this one on)

No swimming in pool after gate is locked​. ​All children under 14 must be supervised.​ We are grateful for the privilege of “hotel rules” – which means we can be responsible for ourselves and have looong swim hours. This would not be the case if we had to hire a lifeguard and only had the pool open when a guard was on duty. Please help us to ensure this privilege continues by following the rules regarding hours and supervised children.

All swimming in lake/river must be supervised by an adult.
Please clean up after yourself . (We don't pay for the regular "housekeeping")

Please clean up after yourself​ and your family after eating in the cafeteria and dining room. There is a well marked cleaning station where you are to drop your plates and trays, as well as garbage cans at the entrances for scraping plates. The low cost the 4H provides assumes we are prepared to manage these basic clean up responsibilities ourselves.

No hot plates in... (The "Rebecca" Rule)

No hot plates, crock pots, insta-pots, well….any cooking,  in rooms, in common dorm areas, or pretty much anywhere that is not the kitchen​. This is new for 2019, but hang in there, we have got you covered!

Loss of room Key is $25

Loss of room Key is $25​ and will be charged to your credit card on file.

Check out is 10am sharp (Coffee Man has something to do with this one)

Check out is 10am sharp​ on the morning of your checkout. The 4H will charge a $45 late fee.

Recycle bins

Recycle bins​ for paper, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles are located near the main lodge. The cans are on the sidewalk between the main lodge and the first lodging building. Other canisters are located throughout the property and can be found on the map provided at check in.

Please be respectful to all wildlife (There has to be a story here)

The ​4H ​is very proud of their efforts in the environmental and wildlife rescue arena. Please be ​respectful to all wildlife​ (especially the bird sanctuary) and keep natural settings clean. Leave no trace, do no harm, and do not bother the birds or make lots of noise around them.

Quiet hours .... yup, we said it

Quiet hours ​in and around all sleeping areas from ​11p.m. to 7:30a.m. ​There is lots of room to run and play away from the guest rooms so please keep late night activities away from guest room doors. RE would not be the same without little ones, and they need their sleep!!!

Game Equipment

Check in with the front desk about taking out ​game equipment​. There may be a deposit required.

Buildings and Walls are not on the "climb this" agenda

Please use common sense (and restraint) when considering exploring feats of strength and agility…. Don’t climb on the 4H’s high walls, buildings, and water towers. The ​4H​ is not ok with that. Trees and other natural structures are yours for the challenge.

Thank you so much for helping us preserve this fantastic partnership with the 4H and their wonderful staff. They love us and want us back. We love them and want to keep coming back!