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Scott Noelle believes that people are born good — open-hearted, trusting, and full of appreciation for the gift of life — and that the best way to foster a child’s innate goodness is through responsive, natural, creative parenting and freedom-based education. This perspective is at the heart of The Daily Groove, which is the title of Scott’s book and his blog.

Scott became a parent in 1997, and later that year he collaborated with Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, to bring her continuum parenting principles to the internet. It was Jean’s insights into human nature — based on her experience of living in the Amazon jungle with a Stone Age tribe for two years — that most influenced Scott’s early parenting and led to his becoming a parenting coach and writer.

Parents who reject fear-based, coercive parenting methods often feel powerless because they lack effective alternatives. Scott helps such parents by teaching them four positive pathways to power — Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart — an approach he calls PATH Parenting.

Scott recently joined a team of educational change agents, led by Peter Gray, who are doing advocacy work for the self-directed learning movement. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his partner Beth Noelle and their two teenagers, who are learning all the time.


In addition to facilitating “Open Space” sessions, Scott will collaborate with other speakers in…

The “More Beautiful World” Trialogue

By the time we all arrive in Little Rock, Scott and fellow RE speaker Jeremy Stuart will have completed their YouTube-based book discussion of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, by our keynote speaker, Charles Eisenstein. While Scott and Jeremy have been meeting virtually over Skype, the video series will culminate with this live discussion between the them, Charles, and the RE community.

Conscious Parenting with Freedom and Responsibility

A dialogue with Rebecca Thompson.

Unschooling 101

Panel discussion led by RE founder Barb Lundgren.