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Join conscious living families from around the country, even the globe, as we explore living a life of unique self-design!


What is RE…?


With strong roots in Un-Schooling, our community gathers for clarity and inspiration in numerous “life” areas such as; attachment parenting, health and wellness, natural birth, empowered death, freedom and responsibility, sexuality, food and nutrition, sustainability, and much more.

Plan on being surrounded by individuals and families who are striving and thriving in a life of unique self-design. Hear stories of joy, challenge, and continuous questioning of the beliefs that limit us. Presenters and conference attendees alike will validate, encourage, support and inspire you on your path.

From a RE-thinker:

“I truly want to thank everyone for everything! Thank you for coming, for being a part of this conference, for giving my children such an uplifting, yet natural, experience, treated so equally and beautifully among so many adults in such an awesome space. They will carry that with them forever.”



What is RE? …Inspiration

We have all longed to be totally surrounded, if only for a short time, by those who understand and support us on our quest to lead life by our own terms, free of judgments and the dreaded “you should,” to follow our intuition.

Together we explore, discuss, process and (attempt to) dispense with any limiting beliefs that hinder individuals from thriving. This process sets us up for the transformation we all deserve.


From a RE-thinker:

“We attended the Rethinking Education Conference in Dallas and WOW! I just wanted to say thanks. My husband and I, and therefore our son, came home changed. I don’t know a better word for it. We are STILL feeling so calm and peaceful and connected and joyful. It was an amazing experience. So, thank you!”



What is RE?  …Transformation

It’ll either be your own, one of your tribe members, or maybe the transformation of the person sitting next to you in a session as their “a-ha” moment arrives. Witness individuals embracing the vulnerability necessary for change. Since vulnerability is far more likely when people feel safe and supported, here you will find an environment that supports you. The group’s intentions are to question ideas that no longer serve and to encourage individual transformation.

RE is a very special gathering where families come together to celebrate a lifestyle; where they support and encourage each other; where individuals are encouraged to hone their inner voice and to “hear” and then identify a “path” that resonates and follow that guidance to fulfillment…  Welcome!!

From a RE-thinker:

“WOW! Something so wonderful from where there was once nothing, but a desire and faith and steadfast refusal to acknowledge all the naysayers. This takes something so special in our world. :)


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