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What  are the guiding beliefs behind RE?


From the beginning, RE supported the belief that children are capable of absorbing and using knowledge from our complex world.  There is no need for arbitrary structures in parenting or education, such as the use of coercion, rewards, or other behavior modification techniques as motivation.


With freedom, respect, and nurturing support, children will display a powerful drive to self-direct their own learning, the result being children who direct their own education and, most importantly, their own futures.


Viewed in this way, education becomes a mutual endeavor; It’s a life-long process of questioning and discovery, a true exploration of self, society, and the world at large.





“We embrace a ‘freestyle‘ approach to life and learning, as in ‘free to employ the style that works for you and your uniqueness.’  We strive to, embrace the ‘live and let live’ ideal, hone our intuition, celebrate our choices, and, most of all, to explore the beliefs that guide these ideas…  and then to RETHINK them if they no longer serve us.”      ~ Kevin and Kelly Sabourin 


In 2009, Rethinking Education morphed to Rethinking Everything. The name change represented the natural progression of true and total empowerment and clarified the diverse nature of the event; It also opened the doors wider for an increased diversity in presentations, activities, and attendees.


At the heart of RE is the awareness that the most important way we can affect positive, enlightened change in the world is by rethinking the entire nature of childhood and the environments we create to support the thriving of ourselves, our children, and our families.


“Parenting is the most important and challenging thing you’ll ever do. And it’s the most important thing you can do to change the world.”                 ~ Teresa Graham Brett