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What will I find at the Conference?

For almost two decades, the Rethinking Everything community has gathered to explore beliefs in key “life” areas such as; Un-Schooling, attachment parenting, conscious family living, health and wellness, sexuality, natural birth, empowered death, and everything in between. Our transformative annual conference has inspired thousands to raise consciousness, embrace freedom and responsibility and encourage one and all to live a life of self design!  We do this by bringing together a one-of-a-kind collection of inspiring speakers, informative workshops, important topics and integrous people.


For a look at some of the highlights of the 2014 conference click here.

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Below is a partial list of some of the exciting elements that comprised the 2014 event. We are currently building the 2015 event and plan to include our most popular activities as well as add a few more new and exciting features:


Past Presenters

From nationally renowned authors to community leaders, from those in the “limelight” to those quietly “walking their talk;” Our speakers have come from far and wide to present their ideology, discuss their belief system, explore new versions and to receive feedback from our conscious audience. RE pulls together an amazing depth and breadth of talent to inform and inspire.


Some of our speakers included:

Barb Lundgren

Barb Lundgren

  • Scott Noelle
  • Teresa Brett
  • Beth Noelle
  • Melissa Rivera
  • Dr. Peter Gray
  • Jennifer Day
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Jen Lemen
  • Dino Martinez
  • Barb Lundgren
  • Osunlade “Daphne” Edwards
  • Sara Sabourin and more

Check out our ever growing list of presenters.



Engaging in life-changing Sessions/Workshops/Topics



Weather its an auditorium filled with 500 attentive participants or a small group huddled intimately on a blanket in the grass, you’ll find our participants passionate and engaged. After all, these are the topics that make up the most important aspects of a life worth living.


The speaker, topic, and needs of the group determine weather you’ll find yourself at a small table, in a circle of chairs or on your feet dancing and singing. One thing you can be assured of is that great care and consideration went into the planning of the venue. We take pride in “holding space” for transformation and realize that entails the safety that fosters vulnerability and vulnerability that precipitates growth.



RE topics truly run the gambit of conscious living. A starter sample is included below, but make sure to check back often as more will be added regularly.



  • Unschooled life
  • Partnership parenting
  • Natural birthing
  • Health and wellness
  • Emotional wisdom
  • Career alignment
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Honing Inner Guidance
  • Empowered death
  • Sustainable business



If you’ve never been to a Rethinking Everything Conference, you might find it a little hard to appreciate the broad number of events available. Here are a few staples:



  1. Kid Village – This is a safe play space for all who wish to play there.  This is where our youngest attendees aged 1 – 6 will be cared for, so we’ll require that all who play in Kid Village will defer to the wee ones and use all toys and materials accordingly. This area will be staffed from 9a.m. to 6p.m.
  2. T’ween camp – A meet-up place where T’weens meet for activities throughout the event. Nightly movies and other meet-ups to be announced soon.
  3. Camp RE – This private teen space is always a popular hang out, gathering spot and social center. Here teens will find organized activities and events as well as coordinated (teen specific) discussions by many of our speakers. Complete with snacks and games this area is a retreat within a retreat. Camp RE is facilitated by camp parents Nikki and Brent.
  4. Red Tent –  The Red Tent  is a sacred gathering area where women go to celebrate life as they learn from one another to strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities. 
  5.  Service exchange- This space will be available for individuals attending the conference to offer their unique gifts and services.  Love offerings, exchanges, or set fees can be negotiated between participants.
  6. Bizarre- A favorite event of RE conference goers is the Bizarre.  Children and Adults are welcome to display and sell items and services of their creation.
  7. SUDS (Society of Un-School DadS) This gathering provides opportunity for dads, grandfathers, partners, and other males involved with Un-School families to gather and strengthen each other as they explore their important roles in this lifestyle.
  8. Talent show- Americas Got Talent should be scouting this exciting event as talented conference attendees strut their stuff!  Come prepared with your own talent props!
  9. Gaming Rooms- As every year, we will have two game rooms available, violent and non-violent. Gaming systems will be available.  Feel free to bring anything of your own.
  10. Barn Raising- This is an opportunity for all who are interested to gather and discuss how to get you business ideas or projects off the ground.  This gathering will utilize a community brainstorming and resources approach to help inspire ideas and opportunities.
  11. Solar/Sustainability tour and presentation- Just by taking a beautiful walk through the woods you will enter the neighboring camp, Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center.  The director of this camp has many sustainable living projects going on on the property and will be providing many tours.


Kids/T’ween/Teen Activities

  • Sword Build and Battle (soft)- We will be making duct tape swords but also encourage bringing any nerf swords of your own for EPIC BATTLES!!!!
  • scavenger huntIMG_3529
  • giant bubble making
  • fairy house building
  • survival skills nature hike
  • dress up room
  • nature playground
  • kids yoga
  • Theater production
  • egg drop
  • Cardboard regatta
  • Tween camp activities ongoing (TBA)
  • Minecraft/makers

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  • Cardboard regatta
  • Wilderness Fort building
  • “Angry birds” water balloon slingshot
  • Kayak and canoe games
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Survival walk with guide
  • Living stream and nature walks
  • basketball, tennis and pool events
  • Doll meet ups and clothes making
  • Geo-caching
  • Lots more to come
  • Steam Punk Jewlery making- Start collecting now and small metal items to add to what we have available to make your own creative pieces.
  • UnProm
  • Power shuffle and other icebreaker activities
  • Crafting table
  • Back by popular demand: Love Fairy and LARPing
  • Nerf War
  • Camp RE
  • Meet the speaker sessions


Other Family ActivitiesIMG_5272

  • Campfire
  • Drumcircles and Jam sessions- We hope this week is filled with music inspiration.  Please bring any instruments to contribute to these beautiful gatherings.
  • Family movies
  • numerous yard games


 Activities Always Available


  • Swimingpool
  • living stream
  • Hiking trails
  • canoes/kayaks
  • Tennis court
  • rock climbing wall